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SIT's Language and Culture Department furthers SIT's commitment to creating an environment rich in the diversity of people and points of view. Its goals are to build and maintain a diverse campus community and to provide courses and programs in language and culture designed to meet the needs of SIT students. To achieve these goals, the Department develops and refines initiatives that encourage and support individuals as they explore, understand, and utilize the many facets of diversity and interconnectedness.

The Department's language mission is focused on providing high-quality, flexible language learning opportunities to:

  • students, faculty, and staff.
  • local community members.
  • foreign language teachers.

Our years of experience as teachers of language and culture ensure the best possible learning environment. We are committed to maximizing each language learner's ability to define and work toward his or her individual goals through three programs:

  • semester courses in, Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish
  • Guided Self Instruction (GSI) in less-commonly-taught languages as requested
  • Field Guided Self Instruction (FGSI) for selected students to pursue language and culture study projects off campus

The Department also provides English language instruction for international students with two programs:

  • a three-week Intensive Academic Preparation course in early August provides practice in writing academic papers and in developing classroom presentation skills
  • semester courses in Advanced English provide instruction in oral and written English

To support all SIT students, the Department offers the services of peer Writing Tutors during the academic year. Writing Tutors work with students individually to improve their writing skills.

Additionally throughout the year, the Department offers specialized language programs and intercultural programs designed to promote interconnectedness and mutual understanding both within the SIT community and in the larger surrounding community.

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